Proper Setting Of Your Parking Brake

parking brakeRegardless of where you park, you should always use your parking brake:

  1. Once you’ve parked, with your foot still on the foot brake, put your vehicle into Park. If your vehicle is a manual transmission, put it into first gear.
  2. Set the parking brake.
  3. Take your foot off the foot brake.

This procedure puts the weight of the vehicle on the parking brake instead of the transmission. All too often, we put our vehicles into Park or in gear, take our foot off the foot brake, and then set the parking brake. This can, over time, cause damage to the automatic transmission parking pawl (because you’re pulling it of of park with the weight of the vehicle on it).

Some added benefits are parking brake cables that don’t bind or stick due to lack of use. In addition, using yoru parking brake keeps your rear brakes in adjustment.

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