Three Warning Lights NOT To Ignore

Three Warning Lights NOT to ignore

Here are three lights you should never ignore:

oil lightThe Engine Oil Light If this comes on, you should pull over immediately. You can destroy an engine if the oil level or pressure is too low, so don’t keep driving!

The Temperature Gauge/Light If your car is overheating, temp lightthere’s a serious problem and you could blow an engine. If you’re a short distance from help, then one TEMPORARY handling is to turn the heater on full. However, watch the temp gauge like a hawk and make sure it drops out of the red. Remember this is only for a short ‘limp’ to help.

temp lightThe Brake Warning Light If the brake warning light comes on when you apply your brakes, it means your brake fluid is dangerously low. This can lead to real problems, like an accident. Pull over and get the problem fixed.

While all the warning lights exist to alert you to a problem, these three definitely should be heeded. As always, we’re here to answer any questions about warning lights and get those car problems fixed.

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