Who is working on your car?

mechanicThree very important things to consider when selecting a service/repair facility:

  1. Who is working on your? What is their level of expertise? Everybody has to start somewhere, but different levels of service and repair require different levels of skill. A lot of chain stores, tire shops, and oil change places only have entry-level employees. Which means entry level skills. Even the manufacturer dealerships only have a couple of “A” technicians. Their time is normally dedicated to drivability and diagnosis. All of our technicians are ASE Certified Master Technicians.
  2. Do they have specific knowledge of your vehicle? It’s important you chose a service and repair facility wisely. With today’s technology and advancements, a shop that knows a little bit about a lot is not going to be your best choice.All of our technicians have the specific knowledge, information, and tools to service and repair YOUR vehicle correctly the first time.
  3. What kind of parts are being used? (In other words, what is the level of quality?) Not every shop uses OEM (original equipment) parts or OEM-equivalent parts. Those generic parts may fit you car, but how well they work and how long they last is usually the problem. We use only OEM or OEM-equivalent parts.

A shop that “specializes” in everything most likely doesn’t. As mentioned above be careful of chain stores, tire stores, and quickie oil change places.

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